Trend of the Art: Virtualization

Companies that use separate servers for each application face high spending. Today's modern IT landscape has a virtual environment and bundles all necessary systems, applications and data under one roof. This not only saves costs and resources, but also simplifies the monitoring of the entire infrastructure.


By using virtual machines (VMs), multiple systems (operating systems, databases, software, etc.) can be operated on a physical server platform.


Elemental benefits of a virtualized environment:
  • Simplify server administration
  • Optimizing server utilization
  • Increase flexibility and reliability across the network
  • Maximize resiliency
  • Saving power consumption
  • Reduce IT costs


Operating a virtual IT environment means being future-oriented, cost-effective and investment-proof! More and more customers have recognized virtualization as a strategic success factor and are already using this modern technology to consolidate their enterprise IT.

As the basis of cloud computing, which  is revolutionizing the IT world, virtualization will continue to play an indispensable role in the digital environment in the coming years.

We use virtualization solutions from world-renowned manufacturers such as VMware, Citrix, and Microsoft. Thus, we only offer our customers contracted  products from high-performance suppliers with state-of-the-art standards.

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